10 Free Programs to Have on Every Gamer's Computer

While playing the games we love so much, the problems we sometimes encounter or the processes we want to do can interrupt our gaming pleas. In the developing PC world, some programs provide solutions to these problems as everything has a solution. In our list of free programs that we have compiled for you, which should be on the computer of every player, we carefully examine the programs that may be useful to you daily.

You love to play games and enjoy games on your Windows computer. There are many free program options, from Steam library editors to programs for video card overclocking, to programs that will allow you to make custom macros on your keyboard to make the game fun one step further.

These programs, which make the players' lives easier, can save the gamers from other operations without disturbing their game enjoyment in many scenarios and contribute to the uninterrupted gaming experience. Let's take a closer look at the free programs that should be on every gamer's computer.

Ten free programs that should be on every gamer's computer:


Considered as one of the best launcher programs in the PC world, Launchbox supports emulators of many Arcade and Retro games on the market and helps you archive games on your computer. Developed by a vast and active community, Launchbox does not remain without updates. Launchbox, which also has information menus for your games that require emulators, allows you to classify and archive the games in your Steam library according to your wishes.


If you are a person who mostly spends nights at the computer and plays late at night, f.lux is the app. Adjusting the colors on the screen and the screen brightness, f.lux automatically adjusts the warm and tear-free colors that you can use at night for your eyes' health.

Pin Steam

As its name suggests, Pin Steam allows you to pin every game in your Steam library to your computer's Start menu. You can view your Steam friends in the Start menu, thanks to Pin Steam, which fixes your games on your Start menu with very stylish logos.

GameSave Manager

If you attach great importance to your "Single Player" games and play them back and play again, GameSave Manager is the program for you. Thanks to GameSaver, you can save, edit, and save your game progress privately. GameSaver shows its benefit, especially if you are a user who continually formats your computer.


With a name that looks like a crisp German or Swedish word, WinDirStat is an acronym for Windows Directory Statistics. WinDirStat performs a beneficial but straightforward process for us. Imagine that you are waiting for the game you love to download on your computer, and only 5% is left. At this point, a warning appears and says that there is not enough space on your computer.

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner, which is very popular in the free software world that many of us are familiar with, is a software that you can overclock your graphics card on your computer. Of course, when we say your video card, MSI graphics cards are not mentioned. MSI Afterburner can work seamlessly with any brand of the graphics card.


The game fails, and waiting forever on the frozen game screen is perhaps one of the most annoying things we have experienced while playing a game. Sometimes such errors occur that even the "Task Manager" cannot be opened. At this point, the SuperF4 program comes to the rescue of the players.


Have you ever thought while playing a game or using shortcut commands on your computer, if only those keys could do the following? If you thought, there is a free program that does that. You usually have to kill a long time in Windows system files to be able to change shortcut commands. However, KeyTweak can do this automatically for you.

Borderless Gaming

Borderless Gaming is a beneficial free program that performs a very, very simple, and at the same time, useful process. Let's say you want to play an old game you like very much on your Windows 10 computer, but this game does not open in full window mode ... At this point, the Borderless Gaming program is running for your help. Borderless Gaming allows you to play games on your computer that does not go into full window mode on full screen.


ShareX, an open-source image capture program developed for Windows, can be very useful, especially when playing games, although its operation seems simple. When it comes to taking screenshots in Windows, the first thing that comes to mind is the Print Screen key. Unfortunately, this feature may not work in every game, or it can be very challenging.

ShareX allows you to take screenshots directly while playing games, save your game screen, and add watermarks to the images you collect. In addition to all these, ShareX also allows you to upload the photos you take to popular media platforms without having to exit the game.

We have come to the end of our list of free programs that should be on every player's computer, which are very useful while playing games. What do you think about the programs on the list? Do you use any of these programs daily? You can share your views and experiences with us in the comments section.

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