A Photo That Shows That There Will be a Structure Full of Magnets Behind the IPhone 12

EverythingApplePro Twitter account has announced that iPhone 12 may have an exciting feature. An image shared in the statements shows that the back of the iPhone 12 may have a circular structure filled with magnets.

US-based technology giant Apple has recently been on the list with its flagship new iPhone models. The technical details of these smartphones, which will be called iPhone 12, are not fully known for now, but the latest images shared seem to excite Apple fans.

Drawing attention with his posts about Apple products, his Twitter account "EverythingApplePro" managed to come up with the latest images he shared. Because the shared images reveal that the iPhone 12 may come with exciting features, in the shared images, it can be seen that a structure filled with magnets will be added to the back case of the iPhone 12.

Here is the magnetic structure that is said to be in the iPhone 12 case

In the leaked images, we see that the circular structure filled with magnets is found both on the back of the phone and in a case. This suggests that a third-party manufacturer that developed a matter for the iPhone 12 may also be on display. But for now, it is unfortunately not possible to say anything about this topic.

The magnetic section on the back of the iPhone 12 overlaps with the Qi wireless charging standard's dimensions. This is an indication that the iPhone 12 will have reverse charging capability. However, the magnetic zone structure is quite large for products such as Apple Watch or AirPods. This is another confusing point about leaked visuals.

Having a magnetic structure on the back of the iPhone 12 can directly make these devices have a new capability. This capability is that the iPhone 12 has a structure that can stick. In-car phone holders, which have recently become popular, can generally be used by magnets. Apple may aim to provide a much more impressive experience to consumers with the accessories it will develop.

It is not possible to know what Apple's new flagship phones have to offer. Also, Apple fans can access the iPhone 12 a little later this year because it announced that iPhone 12 might be delayed a bit in the statements made in the previous periods. All these uncertainties and all the details of the iPhone 12 will come to light with the company's event.

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