Added New Filters and Effects to Zoom to Highlight Fun

New filters, lighting and settings are coming to Zoom, which is the choice of many people for distance education and working. Now the platform will allow much more different video calls.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people started working remotely. The training was carried out remotely for a long time, and the same method may continue to be applied in the new period depending on the conditions.

While there are many different applications for remote work or education, Zoom was the most prominent among them. The platform is now getting ready to provide its users with more advanced experience with interesting filters, new settings and new masks.

Zoom proved to be fun.

Zoom, which is a strict application in the eyes of people because it is generally used for lessons or study, has also shown that it can be fun when necessary. Considering the number of users it has, it is not surprising that the platform develops different features.

In the new update, Zoom gets a variety of fun and funny filters. Also, the application now includes various colour filters such as sepia, black and white. Filters are located in the same menu as virtual backgrounds.

Our video options are not limited to colours only. Let's say you want your skin to look smoother, or you shine like the sun on the camera. Features such as brightness adjustment, skin smoothing help you at this point.

Zoom has also made sound updates.

One of the things Zoom has tackled in the last update has been the issue of audio. According to the statement made by the company, the noise suppression feature of the application has been improved. Users can now choose various levels of extraneous noise suppression from high to low.

Finally, thanks to the new update, the application will have reaction buttons, and transparent backgrounds can be used in presentations. Thus, users will be able to use Zoom more comfortably.

Have you used Zoom during the coronavirus pandemic? What do you think of the new features? Do you think these features will make the platform a more useful place? We are waiting for your comments.

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