Announced Value Of PlayStation From In-Game Purchases

Everyone predicts that micropayments bring significant revenues to companies. However, according to the new financial report, micropayments constitute Sony's largest revenue item in gaming and network services.

Micropayments, which were later included in the game world, have reached a point criticized by many players today. However, thanks to this method, the revenues of publishers and companies are astonishing.

Today, Sony's latest financial report is published covering the period from April 2020 to June 2020. The rates of console hardware, package software, digital software, additional content, subscriptions, and other income items were determined in the published report.

Sony received 41% of its revenues from DLC, micropayments, and other in-game purchases between April 1, 2020, and June 30, 2020. The company's total revenue here is precisely $ 2.29 billion.

When we look at the other income items of the company, it is seen that it has generated 520 million dollars in revenue on the console side, which makes up 9% of its total income. Another low-income item for the company is package software with a 6% share and 350 million dollars. On the PlayStation Store, sales continue to rise. Digital software is the company's second-largest revenue item. The digital software item, which accounts for 24% of revenue, brought $ 1.37 billion in revenue.

The biggest revenue item of the company was brought to the so-called additional content. This item, which includes DLC, micropayments, and in-game purchases, accounted for 41% of revenues. It would be too optimistic to think that such a large income item will soon leave the game world.

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