Coronavirus Panic in New Zealand with No Cases for 102 Days

In New Zealand, one of the countries that attract attention in the fight against coronavirus, there has been no new case for 102 days. However, in the city of Auckland, located in the north of the country, citizens showing signs of Covid-19 were detected. The Prime Minister of New Zealand has called for residents to stay in their homes.

The second wave concerns continue in the coronavirus epidemic, which has been active all over the world since the first days of 2020. According to experts, the second wave will begin if cases are seen again in countries where there are no cases for a long time. According to information from New Zealand, which has not seen a new trial for 102 days, such a situation is in question.

According to the news reported by Sky News, some citizens were found to have symptoms of Covid-19 in a resort town in the city of Auckland, in the north of New Zealand. However, no information has yet been shared about the test results of the citizens.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced the resumption of temporary restrictions, warning citizens to stay in their homes:

Even if the cases are not confirmed yet, Prime Minister Ardern stated that interim measures will be implemented again in Auckland and warned: "Act as if Covid-19 is around you".

The start of the second wave in the coronavirus epidemic depends on the re-occurrence of cases in countries that have not seen cases for a long time, according to experts. In Beijing, the capital of China, which was the starting point of the epidemic, 106 cases were seen in 5 days after two months, and the authorities were alarmed.

More than 20 million coronavirus cases have been seen worldwide so far. 12.2 million of these cases recovered, 735 thousand people died

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