Driver and Passenger of Tesla Model S,which the Truck Almost Divided in Two,Survived Slight Injures

Driver and Passenger of Tesla Model S, which the Truck Almost Divided in Two, Survived with Slight Injuries

The driver and passenger of the Tesla Model S, which a truck almost divided into two with safety equipment, managed to escape from the accident with minor injuries. The owner would have been pleased with the safety of the vehicle that was on the curtain and ordered a Model Y without the shock of the accident.

When it comes to the safety levels of cars, Euro NCAP is one of the first test organizations that comes to mind, and the first idea of ​​how safe a car is depends on how many stars it gets from Euro NCAP.

However, no matter how many stars a car gets from Euro NCAP, what matters is how much it can protect the driver and passengers in a real accident. It seems that Tesla Model S deserves 5 stars from Euro NCAP.

Quarm813, a Reddit user, shared a few photos yesterday and described the terrible accident that happened to him while cruising in his car with his daughter. Quarm813, indicating that he was about to collide with an oncoming truck while driving on the road with Tesla Model S, made him crazy that he could escape from the collision, but the protection equipment next to the truck was enough to remove the curtain.

As you can see in the photos above and below, the Tesla Model S has become unusable, and we can say that the car owner survived such a big winner with a broken arm and his daughter sitting in the back seat with an injured leg shows how successful the Model S is in terms of safety.

According to the statement, quarm813 had not yet recovered from the shock of the accident and ordered a new Model Y on Tesla's website, and Tesla made contactless delivery to the hospital after learning about the situation. Thus, quarm813 has switched from Tesla Model S to Model Y, for which it is safe.

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