Facebook Deleted Trump's Coronavirus Statement Due To 'False Claim'

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Facebook lifted a post from US President Donald Trump for the first time. The reason for this was Trump's remarks about COVID-19 disease. Speaking on the subject, Facebook officials state that the statement in question contained false claims.

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, everyone is trying to do whatever falls on it. For example, scientists continue to work on vaccines and drugs against the disease, while government officials are working on various efforts to prevent the spread of the outbreak. Also, social media platforms, which have become a part of many people's lives, are working on this issue and trying to prevent the spread of false information.

It is complicated to control the accuracy of the information spread on the internet. Moreover, a false explanation spreads much faster when it comes to people the world knows well. As such, the authorities closely follow the posts made by world-famous names. Facebook removed a COVID-19 statement made by US President Donald Trump from this platform.

Trump, who is not a name that can deal with social media platforms, faced Twitter a while ago. The recent developments seem to annoy Trump once again. Let's take a closer look at what details are included in Donald Trump's statement removed from Facebook, and why the account was deleted.

During an interview with Fox, Donald Trump said that the children were immune to COVID-19. However, such information was not precise. Trump's statement was not based on scientific data, nor was it true. As such, Facebook officials took action and removed the Facebook post containing these comments.

Statement from Facebook

A statement came from a Facebook spokesperson regarding the issue. The spokesperson explained that there were false allegations about the coronavirus outbreak in the post. Stating that this situation may cause disinformation, the spokesperson said that the sharing was against Facebook policies and that it was removed. With this development, Facebook removed a post of Donald Trump for the first time in history.

Trump's statements about COVID-19 were also tried to be shared on Twitter. Similarly, Twitter officials also removed this sharing. Also, sharing the same share from different sources was prevented. A Twitter spokesperson is making statements on the subject; He stated that this was not intentional and that the sharing was blocked due to the possibility of explanations misleading people.

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