Fake Views and Likes Sales Started on Instagram's New Feature Reels

Facebook's new feature Reels, which has been developed to compete with TikTok, has just been opened for use, but fake views and likes started selling. A botnet manager said they received 11 million views orders from about 80 accounts.

Facebook recently announced to Reels its short video sharing feature to compete with TikTok on its Instagram. It seems Reels had a troubled start. According to the news in Business Insider, fake views started to be sold at Reels hours after the feature was released.

Big botnet (zombie PC network) webmasters and websites that sell 100 likes for just 75 cents; offers artificial agreements over confidential, encrypted applications for a specific price.

Fake watch sales started on Reels.

Speaking to Business Insider, a botnet manager said that they have already received 11 million views orders from around 80 people. The manager did not reveal how much money they made but noted on Instagram that they earned "enough to buy a good car and a decent house" from these deals they made on Instagram.

While the botnet manager charges $ 5 per 1,000 views, the number of opinions reaches a maximum of 500,000. This price is charged at $ 15 per 1,000 likes for likes. The manager, who receives payments in Bitcoin, also accepts Cash App, PayPal, and credit card payments from his loyal customers.

Managing a network with 500,000 Instagram accounts, this manager also works with external sources for more reports when more views arise. Among the customers of this manager, who makes the pricing ads on Telegram, there are also influencers with many followers. He also claims that an account with 1.5 million followers has asked him for help for Instagram Reel.

The botnet manager, who said that it only took a few hours to create fake views on Instagram Reels, noted that there is no protection from bot tracking at Reels and that Instagram is satisfied with this situation as TikTok's competitor. Business Insider's Chris Stokel-Walker shot a Reels video that consisted of a black screen only and bought fake views. The video reached 3,000 views within minutes.

Cybersecurity researcher Andrea Stroppa, who observed the volume of fraudulent deals on social networks, said, "I and my team didn't have the time to work with Reels from this point of view as it was a new function, but I'm not surprised. The bot problem on Instagram is a known thing. Instagram versus bots for years. The problem is in the security of the application and in the artificial intelligence detection system, "he said.

Stroppa said that Instagram has improved in this regard, but botnet administrators are also developing new techniques. The botnet manager with 500,000 Instagram accounts is not very hopeful about the future of Reels. "Reels is not popular. Instagram and people like me will make it popular," said the manager.

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