Famous Streamer Shroud Announces His Return to Twitch

Shroud, who switched from Twitch to Microsoft's Mixer platform, announced with a video that he would return to Twitch after Mixer closes. Shroud included the phrase 'Coming Home' in his video.

Last year, Microsoft made big moves with the Mixer platform, which will challenge Twitch, the largest streaming platform today. Mixer incorporated Ninja and Shroud, two of Twitch's most-watched broadcasters. The two continued their broadcasting life on Mixer, announcing that they would no longer broadcast on Twitch.

However, last month, Microsoft announced that it had decided to close Mixer for the reason that has not yet been disclosed, following the significant investments it made. This decision had come true two weeks ago. With Mixer's closure, Shroud and Ninja were beginning to watch.

Here is the video link: https://youtu.be/9vr2gdm28JE

After Ninja, Shroud also returns to Twitch:

Ninja, one of Twitch's most-watched broadcasters, made his live stream on YouTube instead of Mixer, after Microsoft's announcement. After that, he opened his first broadcast on Twitch last week after months with Mixer and managed to reach 100 thousand viewers in 15 minutes.

Shroud, another name passed from Twitch to Mixer and started to be watched after Mixer decided to shut down, gave a new news minutes ago. Shroud, who shared a new video on his YouTube channel, made the expected announcement by including the legendary hits he made with an animation in the 1 minute 27 seconds video.

Shroud, who posted a video titled '' I'm Coming Home '', announced to fans that he was returning to Twitch. Shroud also shared the link to his Twitch address. However, Shroud did not provide any details about when he will open his first broadcast on Twitch. Yet, no such information could be found on Shroud's program page on Twitch.

With the closure of the Mixer platform, the community and broadcasters on Mixer's site are invited to the Facebook Gaming platform. However, Shroud and Ninja decided to return to Twitch instead of continuing with Facebook Gaming after Mixer. We will only be able to see whether Facebook Gaming will be as big as Twitch or not.

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