Google Lens Will Soon Solve Math Questions In Photos

The new Google Lens feature will make the lives of those who have problems with mathematics quite more comfortable and will enter our lives shortly. With this feature, Google Lens will solve math problems in photos.

With the coronavirus pandemic onset, education in most of the world has turned into distance education. In this process, Google started to publish various applications, especially for young students and their families.

Google, which previously used augmented reality for 3D anatomy models and cell structures, now adds a new feature to the Google Lens app. This new feature allows you to solve math problems in photos.

Solving Problems With The App

Although it may be tempting to solve math questions with the help of an application without difficulty, the purpose of the use is not to let people do their homework in Google Lens. The aim here is to provide students with information on how to solve problems.

Mathematical concepts are based on developing thinking rather than doing operations. Thanks to features that will ease the processing load, such as the new feature of Google Lens, conceptual learning can increase. At this stage, it is unknown how countries and in what way Google will launch the application. More details will emerge in this regard as time progresses.

Google Support For Math Homework

Google says that it has received support from the mobile learning application Socratic for this application. This feature allows you to solve the math problem in the photo by only taking a picture. When it comes to the function, all you have to do is take a snapshot of the course material and scan the equation or question you want to solve.

Lens will also show users step by step on how to solve math problems using the new feature. Thus, the time spent on solving math problems will be much less.

The main idea is to ensure that mathematical concepts that cause difficulties can be solved quickly. On the other hand, the company has not announced when the feature will be actively used. Socratic serves as a separate application on iOS and Android.

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