Google Won't Show Album Cover Of Played Music On Android 11 On Lock Screen.

In a comment shared on IssueTracker, Google announced that a popular feature would be removed with the next Android version. According to the statement, the album art playing music will no longer be shown as a background on the lock screen.

For the last couple of versions, Google has set the lock screen background image as the cover of the album that contains the music being played on the Android operating system. Although many users liked this feature, it was not welcomed by some users.

The reason why the feature was not welcomed was that many music playback apps today do not allow users to manage this feature on Android. So users could not prevent album art from being set as background image while playing music.

The album cover will no longer be displayed:

According to the statement made on Google's 'IssueTracker' page, the company will now remove this feature in Android with the next version. With the release of Android 11, users will no longer see the album cover art in the background of the lock screen.

So why did Google make such a decision? According to the explanation made on the IssueTracker platform, the album cover set as the background was not visible when the face recognition feature was enabled. However, instead of dealing with this bug on Android, Google opted to obliterate the function.

The company has not fully disclosed the reason that pushed Google to this preference. Google said that only "We will no longer show album art on the lock screen on Android R." gave his statement. Sharing this answer, Google stated that the album cover problem was also 'solved.'

Google's decision about the feature that will disappear with Android 11 / R has divided the users into two, depending on the two reasons mentioned at the beginning of our article. So what do you think of Google's decision? Couldn't Google have the feature managed instead of deleting the element? Do not neglect to state your opinions by commenting.

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