Hyundai's new brand that will consist of only electric vehicles: Ioniq

Hyundai has announced that it will create a new brand for its electric motor vehicles. This brand will appear as the version of "Ioniq," one of the company's current models, consisting only of fully electric cars. Automobile enthusiasts will have the opportunity to meet with Hyundai's new brand next year.

Hyundai has an existing hybrid car that has been released. This vehicle, called "Ioniq," will become Hyundai's new brand. Ioniq, which we know as a model, will become a brand with three different models in the coming years. With this step, it is unclear what the current model of Ioniq will be. Instead, Hyundai may choose to come up with fully electric vehicles. So what kind of cars will be included in Hyundai's new brand?

According to the statements made, the first two of Hyundai's new car models will depend on the company's existing concept models. The first vehicle we had the opportunity to meet under Hyundai's Ioniq brand will be the re-preparation of the "45" model introduced at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. Inspired by Pony, the first vehicle developed by the company, the 45 will fascinate hatchback car enthusiasts.

This is how the Hyundai 45, introduced last year, looked.

Hyundai will announce the first vehicle it will launch under the Ioniq brand with the name "5". Hyundai fans will have the opportunity to meet this vehicle in 2021. When we come to 2022, we will fit a new Ioniq vehicle named "6". This vehicle will appear as a sedan. This sedan will be designed on the Hyundai Prophecy concept we encountered recently. Ioniq 6 will try to impress consumers, especially with its sleek and futuristic nature.

When we come to 2024, we will have the opportunity to meet Ioniq's third model. This vehicle will be named "7" and will be unique because Hyundai states that this vehicle will not be based on any concept. The only thing confirmed about the car is that the Ioniq 7 will appear as an SUV.

According to the statements made, all three models announced under the Ioniq brand will be installed on the platform named "E-GMP." This reveals that Ioniq branded vehicles will have many standard features with Genesis and Kia hybrid or electric motor vehicles. However, we have to wait for a while to learn more about Hyundai's new brand's cars.

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