Images Taken By GoPro Put In The Wheel While The Car Is Running

The YouTube channel Warped Perception installed a GoPro camera inside the wheel to see the reactions of the car moving wheel. In the prepared video, the pressure on the wheel is visible.

Have you ever thought about what the inside of the tire looks like when it is in motion? These wheels, which usually carry tons of weight, do this with the high air pressure inside them. Well, have you ever seen how the wheels react internally when driving on the road?

The YouTube channel Warped Perception, which was curious about this incident, placed the GoPro, a small-sized camera, into the wheel of a Mercedes Sedan brand. Wondering how the tire looks like during the drive, YouTuber also shows us all how the wheel looks from the inside with the video he shared.

We can see most of the moving parts of cars. The wheels that enable us to move with the power transmitted by the axles from the engines can easily withstand high pressures since they are filled with air. Although the wheels can withstand these pressures, we can see which point of the wheel is pressured when viewed from inside. We understand precisely these pressures in Warped Perception's video.

Using a GoPro Hero camera, USB cable, and LED in the experiment, YouTuber attaches and inflates the tire after mounting this equipment on the rim. YouTuber takes the air up to 40 psi and then sets off. Warped Perception, which also tries the wheel with a camera in different road conditions, also makes some sharp turns to measure how the vehicle's wheels react. Well, did you guys like this test video prepared by YouTuber? Have you ever wondered what's inside the car wheel? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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