Microsoft Developed a New Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Performance of Under Screen Cameras

Microsoft has developed artificial intelligence that will significantly contribute to smartphone manufacturers breaking new ground in full screen. Thanks to the latest artificial intelligence, the performance of the cameras under the screen will dramatically increase.

The efforts of smartphone manufacturers to increase the screen-to-body ratio continue. One of the critical steps taken in this regard was various notch designs and slide cameras. The next step in this matter will be the cameras embedded under the screens.

Selfie cameras on the phone's screen will be placed under transparent OLED displays. Perhaps the most crucial development in this regard is that the camera under the screen will take enough light and produce a good photo.

An essential step from Microsoft for under-screen cameras

Researching the issue mentioned above, Microsoft Research states that the refraction caused by the pixel structure of the screen blur the image lowers the contrast, reduces the available light levels, and sometimes even wholly blocks the content of the picture. The team also says that these issues vary depending on the display's pixel design.

This decline in images occurs predictably and usually occurs in the horizontal direction due to the pixel structure. The researchers used the U-Net neural network structure to compensate for the image drop inherent in T-OLED screen photos. This structure makes improvements in the signal to noise ratio and blur of the image. You can see the development in question in the three photos below;

The inclusion of AI in photography allows for exciting techniques such as blurring or changing the background and other video manipulation techniques that allow for better and original video calls.

Although Microsoft is working on this for larger screens in video conferencing settings, it seems highly likely that this development will find its place in the next-generation flagship smartphones. You can learn more about Microsoft's work here.

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