Ninja relaunches Twitch months later: 100K viewers in 15 minutes.

World-famous broadcaster Ninja reopened Twitch broadcast after Mixer was shut down. The show opened by Mixer reached 100 thousand viewers in just 15 minutes.

The famous publisher Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who passed by Microsoft's Mixer platform for a lot of money last year, was not known where Mixer would open for a while after the shutdown. Ninja, who recently broadcast on YouTube, began Fortnite broadcasts on Twitch, the former platform he used to be.

Ninja, who had a contract with Microsoft under normal conditions and could not open broadcasts outside Mixer, was rereleased after Mixer was closed. The famous broadcaster, who can now broadcast wherever he wants, reached 100,000 viewers in just 15 minutes in his broadcast on Twitch. It is known that Blevins' YouTube broadcast opened last month reached more than 4 million views.

There is still nothing certain.

Blevins, who first broadcast after parting ways with Twitch, still didn't say where to transmit permanently. The publisher, who will test the platforms where he can broadcast live for a while, will probably decide that direction by considering the offers and the audience. The famous broadcaster is expected to choose one of Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming platforms.

The fact that Blevins reached 100,000 viewers 15 minutes after the broadcast shows us how much his audience still loves him. This situation, which companies also see, shows that the famous publisher may come up with another million dollar deal.

Twitch posted adult videos on Ninja's channel.

Although he did not leave Ninja Twitch very severely, there were some troublesome events afterward. In particular, the suggestion of other channels through Ninja's account and the presence of broadcasts that violate the Twitch rules between these channels made the famous broadcaster very angry. After this incident, Twitch's CEO apologized to Ninja.

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