Researchers Try to Develop Nasal Spray Instead of Vaccine for Coronavirus

Researchers from the University of Chicago are trying to develop a nasal spray that will be safer than the coronavirus vaccine. This method, which also uses nanotechnology, can be used for other vaccines in the future.

The coronavirus, which was first seen in China in December last year and spread all over the world in a short time, is infecting more and more people every day. Vaccination studies against the virus, which has infected 19 million 176 thousand people all over the world and killed 716 thousand 400 people, continue at full speed.

However, there is not the only vaccine among the treatment methods developed against the virus. Researchers at the University of Chicago are also developing a treatment method that can work, especially for people who do not want to be vaccinated. Researchers announced in their latest published work that they have developed 'Nanofiber Scaffolding Technology' for vaccines.

How does the vaccine using nanotechnology work?

The nose is the ground zero of COVID-19, and the lungs are the most vulnerable places. Because the lungs are loaded with receptors called ACE-2, which are the main target of COVID-19. The vaccine, administered as a nasal or sublingual spray, enables direct activation of the body's dendritic cells. These cells initiate the body's innate immune response and cover the nose and lungs.

The researchers said at this point they do not yet know which antigens offer maximum protection against COVID-19. However, they also added that this new method could target antibodies and T cells that would provide the best protection in a much better way.

Unfortunately, we have to wait a long time for a COVID-19 vaccine produced using nanotechnology. However, this technology has also provided an improvement in understanding how nanotechnology affects the body. Yet, thanks to this technology, much safer and cheaper vaccines may be developed in the future.

Vaccines may become safer:

Thanks to the newly developed technology of researchers, most of the negativity of the vaccine in humans can be eliminated. Because, thanks to this technology, vaccines developed for all other diseases, including COVID-19, can be turned into a nasal spray or sublingual spray. Thus, needles are also eliminated.

Anita Chong, one of the leading names of the study, said in a statement that this technology together could only elicit protective immunity without the need for any external adjuvant. In this way, additional components in vaccines that cause side effects from time to time will no longer be included, and vaccines will become even safer.

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