Russian Health Minister: Coronavirus Vaccine Will Be Ready For Use In 2 Weeks

Speaking to members of the press, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko reported that the coronavirus vaccine's first batch would be ready for use within two weeks.

Making one of the most important statements in the pandemic process yesterday, Russia announced that they had registered the coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V they developed. Although many institutions and countries have criticized Russia's comments about the coronavirus vaccine, the eyes are turned into statements by Russia about the production and use of the vaccine.

According to the reports in the Russian media, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko announced that the first batch of the coronavirus vaccine they developed would be produced and ready for use in two weeks, with the statement he made today (August 12). Minister Murashko stated that the vaccine is planned to be produced in 500 million doses in the next year.

Side effects of coronavirus vaccine will be monitored via the mobile application.

According to Murashko's statements, the coronavirus vaccine can be used by everyone, including healthcare professionals. The vaccine produced will be aimed at meeting the demand in Russia in the first place. Murashko stated that after Russia's coronavirus vaccine needs are met, they will start exporting the vaccine.

The Russian Minister of Health also announced that they are developing a mobile application that will make it possible to track their citizens' health status. According to Murashko, the app will not only monitor citizens' health but also make it possible to control the side effects of the vaccine.

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