Samsung's Flagship Phones Now Receive 3 Major Android Updates

Samsung made a statement that will make its current customers smile as part of the Unpacked event. In the statements made, it was stated that Samsung's flagship phones would receive three major Android updates, not two. Moreover, the Galaxy S10 series was also included in this process.

Although technology giant Samsung announced its new products with exciting features at the Unpacked event held yesterday, it did not only focus on new customers. The company made another important statement that closely concerns its existing customers and that many people will be satisfied.

One of the biggest problems of smartphones is the support provided by developer companies. There is even a severe contention between iOS and Android users on this issue. Because while Apple offers significant updates to devices in the iOS ecosystem for a much more extended period, this is not the case in the Android ecosystem. Recent statements made by Samsung show that some users will receive at least one major Android update.

According to Samsung's statements at the Unpacked event, the company's flagship phones will now receive three major Android updates, not two. The commitment made by Samsung is one that many Samsung users will enjoy. Moreover, the Galaxy S10 series that Samsung launched two years ago will also be included. That means that it is clear that the Galaxy S10 will also receive Android 12.

According to the statements made by Samsung, three major Android updates will be available on Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Z series flagship phones. For Samsung's mid and entry segment series Galaxy A and Galaxy M, no such statement has been made. Phones belonging to this series will likely continue to receive a significant update. The reason for this is that it is not known which hardware-level future Android versions will need.

The three-year statement made by Samsung is the kind that will make many users smile. Because in this case, the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 series will also receive the Android 13 update. Therefore, the phones will be available for a year more with the latest features of the ecosystem. However, the only benefit of this situation is not for users. The fact that phones can be used for more than a year is a significant gain for our planet.

The world is getting bigger and bigger every day. Every product consumed becomes garbage one day, and it is not possible to prevent this situation at least for now. Also, the waste caused by technological products is not at a considerable level. Consequently, Samsung will contribute to the emergence of less waste with this step.

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