Scientific Reason for Razors Not Keeping Sharp for a Long Time

Ever wondered why you have to renew your razors so often? According to research, the collision of the bristles with the weak points of the blade causes the structure of the metal mouths to deteriorate.

An article published in Science magazine on Friday revealed why razors in razor blades lose their sharpness so quickly. The problem is not due to wear from use as predicted.

According to the research, there are some weak and sensitive spots in the metal of the razors. As these points collide with the beards, they break and open. Once the crack has formed, the gap becomes wider and wider and makes the razor unusable.

The metal of the razors can change.

The razors we use in razor blades are technically produced from the same type of stainless steel as the metal used in cutlery and surgery in our home. In the production of this steel type, the metal is melted and processed at high temperatures.

According to research, small cracks occur on the razor blade after this process. These cracks tend to open up more and more after they touch the beards. Once researchers identify the problem causing these cracks, they will develop ways to produce more durable blades.

Gianluca Roscioli, one of the researchers, shaved a beard every three days with various disposable razors. Later, the changes in the blades were examined after each shave. It turned out that the C-shaped structures disappeared from the edges.

Razors "break with sharpness."

According to the research results, the feature that makes these structures so sharp, called Martensitic steel, also causes them to be fragile. Micro-cracks are formed during the sharpening of the metal. When these cracks later come into contact with a surface, C-shaped structures begin to fall off.

According to experts, there are many different reasons for the cracks to notice from razor to razor and from user to user. While the beard is the main one among these, the angle of use of the blade and the non-homogeneous mixing of the steel also affect the razor.

Researchers have now filed a patent for a new, more durable type of razor blade. According to the team, although these razors' cost is higher, they will allow you to shave more and reduce waste material production in general.

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