Scientists Will Use the Moon as a Mirror in Search of Space for Life

While space continues to be a matter of curiosity in all its magnitude, the question of whether different creatures live in such a large area is also puzzling. For many years, astronomers have been working on this question, the answer of which has not yet been found.

Of course, for life to exist somewhere in the universe, there must first be a planet suitable for life. Astronomers, who have tried many different methods in their quest to find a habitable planet, will consider a different way this time. Astronomers will use our satellite, the Moon, like a giant mirror.

The Moon will act as a mirror:

Scientists at the American National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA) used the Hubble Space Telescope, which is used to observe the depths of space as part of the new method. Scientists used the telescope to detect light reflected from the Moon after it travelled through the Earth's atmosphere.

After scientists detect the light reflected from the Moon, they will focus on this light. The study of scientists will aim to find similar chemical markers on distant exoplanets. In this way, the possibility of life on exoplanets will be better predicted.

So what chemical similarity is sought? Within the scope of this study published in The Astronomical Journal last day, the amount of ozone in the Earth's atmosphere was also measured. Scientists think that the chemically similar light emanating from another planet, pointing to the same level of ozone, may indicate that that planet meets the living standards we seek.

According to scientists, the light from the planet above can tell that that planet may be rich in oxygen and have a structure that can block ultraviolet rays just like our atmosphere. Now, lights with a similar chemical mark are being sought.

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