The Engineer Who Gives Google Autonomous Vehicle Secrets To Uber Sentenced 18 Months

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

While Google's autonomous vehicle department left Waymo and moved to Uber, engin

eer Anthony Levandowski, who brought the commercial secrets of his first company, was sentenced to 18 months.

It is known that there are spying problems among companies from time to time. Generally, an employee in an essential role in firm signs contracts that he will not carry information or reveal trade secrets while moving to another firm. Failure to comply with the signed contracts can have serious consequences.

When Anthony Levandowski left Google, this transition seemed to be smooth at first. The engineer, one of the founders of Google's autonomous vehicle department Waymo, had drawn a new way to establish his own company.

Uber and Waymo had been on trial.

Levandoski, who left Google, first established his own autonomous truck company Otto and started to transfer the names he worked with on Google to his company. Soon after, Uber bought Waymo.

After this purchase, Google applied to the court because Uber had a lot of information about his autonomous vehicle project. The case was concluded in 2017. Uber had expelled Levandowski for not following his internal investigations.

Finally, Levandowski was sentenced to $ 851,000 in fines and 18 months in prison for stealing trade secrets from Waymo. The engineer had previously fined $ 179 million. The reason for this punishment was that it took Google employees.

The Prison sentence will be postponed.

Levandowski's prison sentence will not be executed until the coronavirus pandemic ends. It is not known when the outbreak will end. According to Waymo, the decision itself constitutes "a triumph of trade secrets laws in high-tech development."

On the other hand, Pronto, Levandowski's new venture that he established after he was dismissed from Uber, supported his former founder. The entrepreneur, who was also the CEO of Pronto for a while, quit when he faced charges in August last year. Pronto said that the engineer made significant contributions and will be remembered for good things in the future. No statement came from Google.

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