The Experiment 'Does Mammal Blood Or Fish Blood Draw To Sharks?' That Seeks Courage From A YouTuber

Mark Rober, who lived as YouTuber after leaving his job at NASA, tested a new issue regarding sharks. Examining whether a shark is more prone to the blood of a mammal or the fish's blood, the YouTuber came to an exciting conclusion.

Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, has been living as YouTuber for a long time. Rober, who produces completely different content compared to the YouTube videos we have seen so far, manages to attract users' attention. A new video shot by Rober reveals which smell of blood sharks, one of the most dangerous creatures in marine life, are more prone to.

Sharks are one of the wild animals of marine life. Sharks, which have a carnivorous nature, survive by eating fish smaller than themselves. But have you ever thought whether a shark is more affected by human or fish blood? Rober answers this question with a spooky video.

Mark Rober met with the Discovery Channel teams to test a new issue. The test's aim was whether a person injured near a shark or an injured fish would be more attractive to him. Interestingly, the analysis showed that the shark tends towards fish blood.

Mark Rober and the Discovery Channel team did not use human blood predictably. The group, which opted to use cow blood instead, explained that mammalian blood would have the same effect on sharks. So there was no difference between using cow or human blood in this test. Because the shark smelled the same from both blood, if you wish, let's leave you alone with that test video made by the former NASA engineer.

Here is the video that shows which blood is more attractive to sharks.

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