TikTok Announces First Data Center to Open in Europe

TikTok began moving its data centers out of China to make the allegations of security issues unfounded. The company plans to build a considerable investment of 420 million Euros for the European data center, which will come into service in 2022.

TikTok, which is in the midst of the ongoing economic war between the USA and China, started to shift its focus to Europe while continuing to experience difficulties in the American continent. ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, who does not want to encounter similar reactions from European countries, announced that at this point, he would establish the first data center in Europe.

The TikTok data center's announcement in the EU came after the decision of the higher court of Europe to process the data on the international data transfer.

TikTok's data center will be installed in Ireland.

TikTok will establish its first data center in Europe in Ireland. The data center, which will be created with an investment that can be considered as significant as 420 million Euros, will contain all European users' data. The data center to be established by the company is expected to start service in early 2022.

The new data center, announced in a blog post by TikTok's global CSO Roland Clouter, will provide hundreds of jobs in Ireland and will be an essential point for TikTok's user data protection.

The speed of the servers will also increase.

With the new data center opened by TikTok, it has been announced that the countries in Europe will have faster download and load times at TikTok. By this way, ByteDance, which plans to increase its user experience, does not want to experience a similar process in the USA in Europe. Europe is considered one of the largest markets after the USA, so companies are not afraid to invest in European countries.

US operations of TikTok are requested to switch to Microsoft.

US President Donald Trump has been requesting TikTok's US operations to go to Microsoft, which he has been accusing of security breaches and leaking information to the Chinese government. ByteDance and Microsoft recently announced that they would not allow such a thing from China, even though they are currently in negotiation. US President Trump has been in constant quarrel with Chinese technology companies since he took office. Trump, who also imposes sanctions on smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE, is trying to leave these companies alone in the global market, threatening the countries that cooperate with Chinese companies publicly.

TikTok is currently taking essential steps to avoid hurting international trade. The company, which takes steps to eliminate the security concerns that are always expressed by the USA, makes significant concessions in this process by trying to establish positive relations with Trump. These concessions include essential items such as offering 10,000 jobs in the USA and keeping US user data in the USA.

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