TikTok Announces New TV App to Launch to Amazon Fire TV

TikTok, whose presence in the United States has been discussed recently, is developing a new application for Amazon Fire TV. At first, the app will be free and will only be available for viewing content.

The use of TikTok has become a topic of discussion worldwide, as has been the subject of our news frequently recently. ByteDance's social media platform was banned in some countries; it was stated that its activities in the USA could also be blocked.

On the other hand, it seems that all these events did not slow down the company's speed. The China-based company is expected to introduce various applications in the new period. One of them is the TV app called More on TikTok.

TikTok also on TV

More on TikTok, which will be the first TV application in TikTok's history, will be available for download on Amazon Fire TV devices from today. The content of this application will create specially selected video playlists and compilation videos from the mobile TikTok app.

The TV application will also contain content that exceeds TikTok's 1-minute limit. These will include productions such as interviews with content producers. So in this application, there is more than watching the videos seen in TikTok's mobile app on the TV.

Nick Tran, TikTok's name responsible for global marketing, said in a statement that they are evaluating what opportunities are adapting to broadcast services will offer them and their users, as in Fire TV. Television was the natural next step for TikTok, according to Tran.

TikTok conducts experiments for television.

TikTok is currently testing how the video format in the company's mobile app will look on TV. More on TikTok will be a watch-only channel, at least in the first stage, it will not contain ads. So you will not need to login to the application. On the other hand, video cannot be uploaded to this application.

The TV app will also have two more content categories. One of them will be called In the Studio and will include interviews with stars on TikTok. The other will be a category called This is TikTok and will highlight the producers. It is not known whether TikTok's new TV application will broadcast in other countries, but if it comes to our country, it may be a candidate for the throne of Smart TV, which is opened in all chicken doner kebab restaurants.

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