What Should You Do If Your Computer Won't Turn On ?

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Computers with a complex structure do not turn on. The blue screen can cause many different problems when this happens. We have explained that you can apply different methods as a solution to the desktop or laptop computer does not turn on the issue.

It may be not easy to start the first hour of busy work or resume a game you like, you pressed it, you waited, but the computer does not turn on. There were many different problems causing problems such as the computer won't turn on, gave a blue screen, a black screen appeared.

How to solve the computer won't turn on? There are many different methods you can apply on desktop and laptop computers. First, you need to detect the problem, then make a few checks for the solution. We explained the ways that the computer does not start up and the different solution methods they can apply and the steps you need to follow step by step.

What can cause the computer won't turn on?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. Computers are devices with highly complex systems. We can use the order as a result of many different hardware, working at the same time, compatible with each other and operating systems such as Windows 10. The computer won't turn on can have many reasons.

One of these reasons may be a simple power problem or a non-contact in the external connection. One of the drivers, one of the current hardware, is no longer functioning. Issues in the BIOS can cause a not opening problem. There are some solution suggestions in this regard.

If the computer does not start up, suggestions for solutions you can apply:

# 1: Check the power connections

# 2: Check your monitor

# 3: Listen the motherboard.

# 4: Check your hardware

# 5: Enter the BIOS

# 6: scan for viruses with an external device

# 7: Start the computer in safe mode

# 8: Check your hard drive

# 9: Try the hard drive on another computer

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