When Will Half-Life 3 Be Released? Here is Every Theory Revealed

Half-Life 3 is perhaps the most famous sequel in the game world, although it has not been released. Half-Life: Alyx, which is released this year, has many theories about whether the sequel will continue. We try to find the answer to "Half-Life 3" with all the opinions that have been put forward so far.

Half-Life is a production that has conquered the hearts of many of us with its debut in 1998 and the revolutionary sequel to the PC gaming world that followed. Half-Life series, which entered the list of best games on many platforms with its innovations and enormous story, was left open with the 2nd game.

In this context, the fans of the series come across a ton of Half-Life 3 theories every year. Half-Life 3 can be described as the most critical sequel, known and not played in the game world. In this article, we examine the theories about Half-Life 3, the leaks that have emerged, and everything known about Half-Life 3. "Will Half-Life 3 is released?" Let's try to find the answer to the question together.

All the theories and everything is known about Half-Life 3 in the past:

  • May 2006: Half-Life 2: Episode 3 was announced.

  • January 2008: Revealed fake screenshot of Half-Life 3.

  • October 2008: The claim of Half-Life 3's requirement to sell 2 million copies.

  • July 2010: Strange codes available in the Alien Swarm SDK.

  • May 2011: Possible new Half-Life codes appearing on Portal 2.

  • December 2011: Famous mysterious man wearing Half-Life 3 t-shirt.

  • April 2012: Half-Life 3 order page appearing on Steam.

  • June 2012: Leaked concept art.

  • August 2012: Accidentally typed Half-Life 3 phrase.

  • June 2013: 42-person e-mail list revealed in Jira.

  • August 2013: Internal Beta post shared by a developer.

  • October 2013: Trade name of Half-Life 3 was acquired.

  • May 2014: Counter-Strike creator Minh Le claimed to have seen Half-Life 3.

  • June 2015: Fake Half-Life 3 logo revealed on the Valve site.

  • August 2016: Another Gamescom case.

  • February 2017: "hl3" shortcut seen on a monitor in Valve studios.

  • November 2019: Finally: Half-Life: Alyx appeared.

  • March 2020: Half-Life: Dario Casali's Half-Life 3 comments on Alyx.

Does Half-Life 3 appear on the horizon?

Half-Life: With the launch of Alyx, Half-Life 3 discussions have come to the fore again. Although Dario Casali, who has worked on all Half-Life games, implies that they want the Half-Life series to continue from the VR platform, the ending and final scenes of Half-Life: Alyx support the future of Half-Life 3.

For those who haven't played the game yet, without a spoiler, Alyx's final scenes between Half-Life and Half-Life 2 include an alternative Half-Life 2 ending scene. Also, it is clearly stated in the post-credits that the story will continue.

Dario Casali, who explains about the upcoming Half-Life games, uses the following expressions: "At this point, we do not know if there will be a new Half-Life game and if there is a new game, it will be on the VR platform. The best thing we can do right now is to follow the comments coming to Half-Life: Alyx. We look at how much people have fun in the VR game and how many players we can attract to the VR platform."

The Half-Life fans' chance is that the Half-Life: both players and critics highly like the Alyx game. The future of the Half-Life series looks bright for now due to the highly-rated Half-Life: Alyx. Although we expect another Half-Life VR game in general, Valve is a company that likes to surprise. What do you think about Half-Life 3? Do you think Half-Life 3 will be released? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.

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