Why iPhone 9 Will Never Be Released?

Apple has been naming its iPhone smartphones with sequential numbers from the first day it launched or introducing new models by adding a few letters. But the iPhone 9 was skipped and the iPhone X, i.e. 10, was released directly. We answered the question of why there is no iPhone 9 for you.

Since 2007, when Apple introduced the first iPhone, it had chosen the names of each new iPhone model from sequential numbers. He revealed the difference by adding a letter next to the models that were different in the same series. But this situation changed with the iPhone 9. There is no iPhone 9; it won't come out. The new iPhone models began to be named as X, i.e. ten and later.

We see the same situation in Microsoft's Windows operating system. In Windows versions that progressed in sequential numbers, this sequence was broken with Windows 9. No Windows 9. So why? Why is the iPhone 9 missing? For you, we answered the iPhone 9, Windows 9 why not questions and explained the mysterious urban legend attributed to the number 9.

Why didn't Apple release a phone called iPhone 9?

The iPhone 9, which should be introduced ten years after the first iPhone model introduced by Apple in 2007, was named iPhone X, namely 10, due to the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, 2017. This represented the opening of a new page for the iPhone. With the iPhone X 10, Apple gave up the iPhone design as we know it and gave the users the signal of a new design trend. For this reason and because it is the 10th year of the iPhone, the model that should have been iPhone 9 in the ranking was symbolically named X, or 10.

This situation is not unusual. Many developer companies can name their products from the critical history of their founder or company. If we look at it from this angle, we can even see an iPhone SJ model in memory of Steve Jobs, the legendary CEO of Apple.

iPhone 9 later came up with a different name:

Yes, iPhone 9 is out this year. But it's not called iPhone 9; it's iPhone SE 2020. Almost iPhone 12 will come, don't say how. When you look at the iPhone SE 2 model with a catchy eye, you will notice that it is a model that should be between 8 and 10.

Of course, Apple has not made an official statement that the iPhone 9 is coming out. Still, the iPhone SE 2 model, which was introduced after the rumours of iPhone 9 coming out in the world of technology, may be included as an iPhone 9 in the hearts of users.

Like legends from legends: Why doesn't tech companies like the number 9?

Maybe many users did not realize this title until they saw this title, but Microsoft's operating system, Windows, directly jumped to 10 after version 8. The reason for this is thought to be more commercial than emotional, as in Apple.

Microsoft realizes that no matter what it does, it cannot persuade Windows 7 users to switch to new versions, and takes a tactical step, naming the latest Windows version released in 2015 as 10, adding many attractive advantages.

The tactic here is to manipulate the human mind. One may not see much of a difference between Windows 7 and 9, but with Windows 10, the seven versions will be quite old for the user and will want to change it. With this tactic applied even to coffee sizes, Microsoft seems to have been successful.

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