YouTuber MrBeast Raid Minecraft Servers With 10 Thousand Fans

Organized with fans, YouTuber MrBeast raided Minecraft servers with thousands of fans. MrBeast tested the capacity of the servers with these raids.

MrBeast, one of YouTube's most prominent content creators with its channel with 40.5 million subscribers, also has a channel called MrBeast Gaming, where it broadcasts game-oriented videos and has 5.39 million subscribers.

MrBeast, who recently posted a new video on MrBeast Gaming channel, had an interesting experiment. MrBeast, who raided Minecraft servers with 10 thousand fans, tested how many players the servers were able to withstand at the same time.

Although the word 'dominant' is prominent in the title of the video, it is difficult to say that MrBeast did a real raid because he states that he informed the server owners about the trial at the beginning of the video and got his permission.

MrBeast tests how small, medium and large servers can withstand the raids in the video and a look with 1000 fans is enough for the servers to crash. MrBeast then raided (!) The two official servers named Spire Network and Void Realms respectively, and managed to hit these servers with only 500 and 100 fans.

Apart from demonstrating the resilience of Minecraft servers, the video also reveals how much a gamer community MrBeast has. Because when MrBeast looked back to the servers after the raids and looked at the virtual world created, he saw that his fans were creating immense structures.

Video of MrBeast raiding Minecraft servers

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